Susan is a licensed Hypnotherapist and member of the American Counsil of Hypnotist Examiners. A victim of mental and physical abuse as a child, and later in life domestic violence, she recognized her life experiences were preventing her from unlocking her greatest potential. It was not until Susan discovered Self Inquiry and Hypnotherapy that she would have the tools necessary to lead a meaningful, balanced, happy life.  

The therapeutic value that Hypnotherapy provided Susan would serve as a calling.  Her path was not by chance, it was a necessary journey, it would provide her the experience, and later the professional training necessary, so that she might help others suffering from similar experiences. Hypnotherapy succeeds where other methods fail. Let Susan help you unlock your greatest potential, freeing you from the mental blocks preventing a fulfilling, balanced love filled existence. 

Susan Stone: Licensed Hypnotherapist

CHT 415-070


"Overcoming personal problems is how I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am not a doctor or a psychologist. What I am is a Certified Clinical hypnotherapist, a behavioral modification expert."

Susan Stone